3 Ways to Have a Happy, Healthier Holiday

You’re heading into a holiday frenzy that may as well be the feeding, indulging, and lazing equivalent to the Super Bowl. To keep you ahead of the wellness game, we have just two words of advice: Be prepared. Read on for super-simple ways to make it through the next few weeks with your wellness intact and without feeling like you’ve been hit by a truckload of stress and sugar.

1. Destress from the Holiday Hustle

‘Tis the month to be thankful – not stressed out. Although that’s easier said than done, as crowds seem to grow larger, family members get rowdier, and your workload somehow manages to double around this time of year. The easiest way to show stress the door? HEMPd Gummies. With 25 grams of hemp oil in one little chew, you’re good to go. Stress can also take a toll on your health, which is why our Gummies contain ascorbic acid a.k.a. immune system boosting Vitamin C! Just toss a bottle into your bag or keep a stash in your office’s desk drawer for an easy way to take the seasonal dramatics down a notch. Your frenzied nerves will thank you.

2. Boost Digestion after Party Treats

Comfort food is so named not only because of its nostalgic nature but also because it literally gets comfortable inside of you. Rather than don that pair of stretchy-waist sweatpants for the next foreseeable future, squeeze a few drops of our HEMPd Tincture in Spearmint a couple times a day under your tongue. The all-natural Spearmint Oil aids digestion…plus it’ll keep your breath happy for holiday party mingling.

3. Forgo High-Calorie Drinks

From bowls of punch to mugs of cocoa, it’s easy to swallow upward of one-fourth your calorie intake through just a glass. But we have the perfect solution: HEMPd Infusion Flavored Waters. This fizzy, enhanced alternative is your cocktail napkin’s best friend this season, containing 5 milligrams of full-plant hemp extract plus zero calories and no added sugar. Try adding a few frozen cranberries to the Raspberry Lemonade flavor for a festive sipper that rivals anything with sugar and spice and everything not nice.

Three cheers to a happy and healthy holiday season!