5 Simple Ways to Destress Now

Back-to-school is in full force. It’s your turn to host book club. And Mercury is in retrograde. Again. Or so it seems. As you transition from the ease of summer into the bustle of fall, new responsibilities, changes, and challenges are inevitable. But stress doesn’t have to be one of them.

Before you start researching acupuncture in your area, try giving hemp wellness products a go. Like brand-new HEMPd Infusion waters. A less-extreme, super-simple way to work the benefits of hemp extract oil into your daily life, each can of water comes packed with five milligrams of full plant hemp extract oil and are lightly carbonated and naturally flavored. Read on to learn more about our exciting new calmness in a can, plus more ways hemp extract oil wellness can be your secret weapon to a stress-free fall.

1. Infuse Infusion Waters into Mealtime

Complement that farmers’ market haul you turned into a bountiful feast with a hemp extract water beverage that does your body just as much good. One of the very first flavored waters infused with hemp extract oil on the market, HEMPd Infusion waters pack a ton of benefits into a single can. Beyond hydration, each serving contains zero sugars, and beneficial compounds and terpenes from our Full Plant Hemp oil that are known to have multiple health benefits that can help with unfortunate sign of the times: stress.

2. Have a Happier Happy Hour

Long days don’t always have to call for massive after-work bar tabs. Try popping open a can of HEMPd Infusion water with a pal instead. Quality time with friends has been proven to reduce levels of stress. Plus, with multiple flavor combinations to choose from (pineapple coconut, dragon fruit, peach mango, raspberry lemonade), you’re sure to find a concoction that will both perk up those taste buds and release the tensions of the day – all without the fear of a pending hangover.

3. Trade Coffee Breaks for Water Breaks
It’s 4 p.m. and you’re fading. Rather than head out for that second (possibly third) caffeine run, reach for an all-natural HEMPd Infusion water instead. Because: boosting your overall health > temporarily boosting your attention span. Further, HEMPd Infusion waters are perfect for sipping on the go, as you wait in your kid’s pickup line at school, during that lengthy conference call, and even before you hit the mat in yoga class.

4. Rub on Relaxation in the Evenings
Bubble baths are miracle workers. But relaxation extends beyond those frothy lavender- and vanilla-scented soapsuds. Wax on with HEMPd’s botanical lotion, a creamy moisturizer enriched with terpenes, menthol, and full-plant hemp extract oil, all designed to soothe dry spots, ease muscle and joint pain, and – you guessed it – bring stress relief.

5. Tinker with Tinctures
We hear you, What are tinctures, and do they live up to the hype? The ultimate on-the-go remedy for relieving stress throughout the day, hemp extract oil tinctures are a sublingual method (just a fancy way of saying under the tongue) for getting your daily dose of hemp extract oil. Bottled with a list of ingredients that won’t make you go cross-eyed upon reading, they’re available in tangerine, spearmint, and lemon. All good choices, though for the sake of frazzled nerves, might we recommend the calming effects of the lemon oil?