CBD And Pain Relief

Frequently, you are told to “just cope with it.” You are told to cope with the pain, depression, and anxiety that you encounter daily. Popping pharmaceutical drugs just to get through the condition while ending up with a poor quality of life. Because of the adverse effects of these drugs, it makes you sicker and more fatigued and as the days go by your health worsens until you eventually crash in a pit of pain and despair.

You probably have done everything you have been told to do or that you know to do but have not gotten the desired result. Instead of taking all the NSAIDs drugs, like ibuprofen, aspirin, valium or perhaps more serious medications which will eventually antagonize your body because of their negative side effects, you might find yourself looking for a natural healing process.

The medical industry has sought alternatives in the treatment of certain ailments. This is because of the persistence of some health conditions after some drugs have been taken. Most ailments have proven stubborn: hence the search for alternative medication.

CBD oil which originates from the sativa plant is a naturally growing herb that has been used for countless years to treat different conditions. Only a pinch is needed for it to have a powerful effect on the mind and body. This is why many call it a wonder plant.

Before we talk about how the effects of CBD can compliment our health, we need to ask, what is health? Is it just the absence of disease? One may say, if you don’t have symptoms you must be healthy. But it is beyond that. You must understand how the human physiology is designed. Every aspect of the human physiology is based upon the dynamic balance between some Polar opposites.

When we take a look at the specifics of our physiology as though it’s like the Yin and Yang immune system, we have the endo-inflammation and inflammation. That is, the negative and the positive. When these two things are in balance, your body is functioning correctly. The same is true for the nervous system. There you have the forces of excitation and inhibition or relaxation. In the endocrine system or hormone system, you have the forces of breaking down (catabolic hormones) tissues and the forces of developing/growing (anabolic hormones) tissues. When these two forces are in balance, you have homeostasis of endocrine in our hormone system. The stronger your ability to remain in homeostasis, the healthier you are.

Whenever you take a pharmaceutical drug, it is designed to affect a particular symptom, not the entire system and thereby creating the unintended effect. Essentially, pharmaceutical drugs operate at the level of the symptoms, not the entire body which causes enormous strain on your human physiology.

In our next blog post, we’ll look at how CBD works in the human physiology.